Why Our Packages Work

Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, we bundle our services into packages for the same reason homebuilders use pre-fabricated components: they make selection and deployment more efficient and lead to reliable results. Our packages help you efficiently identify the right bundle of managed IT services resulting in a better and more accurate support package for your business.

Using our packaged approach gives you access to industry-leading technologies at the highest levels of service – without the guesswork.

Pick Your Ideal Package

We offer two types of packages: prebuilt and custom. The prebuilt packages are intended to make it easy for clients that are looking for a hassle-free turnkey service, much like ordering Internet service for your home or office. The custom packages are intended to offer a flexible way to tailor a bundled set of services to fit more complex needs of our clients.

The selection criteria below will help you decide which type of package
is the right fit for your business.

Prebuilt Package

A predefined bundled set of services that’s ideal for small-to-medium-sized businesses looking for a turnkey support service that’s enterprise-worthy, cost-efficient, and easy to implement.
Turnkey Service
Feature-Based Selection
We Do Everything

Select Your Service

Custom Package

A tailored set of services for bigger, complex environments looking to fix on-demand issues, staff projects, need specialized support, or design a custom set of services.
Tailored Service
Needs-Based Design
We Do Everything or We Work with Internal IT

Design Your Service

What Our Packages Offer

The benefits of ALLSTAR packages include:

Industry-Leading Expertise

Our experts have accumulated decades of mission critical experience working in complex enterprise environments. Our packages give you on-demand access to that expertise.

Enterprise-Grade Environment

We transform your IT systems into enterprise-grade IT environments with a defined set of standards and documented processes.

Peace of Mind Through Predictability

Your costs will be predictable under our consistent-price models. Best of all, your systems will become predictable as our expert team minimizes IT issues.

Constant Monitoring

We monitor your networks 24/7/365 to make sure all of your security patches are updated, your infrastructure is running at peak performance levels, and your data is secure.

Mitigate Risk

We mitigate all single points of failure and remove any dependency on unreliable resources. You gain agility and can pivot faster if needs evolve.

Continuous Innovation

We work hard to stay on the cutting-edge of technology development and pass down innovation to our clients. Our engineers are constantly upgrading their skills and staying current with technology trends.

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